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Word Of The Year Update

Once or twice a month I reevaluate my WOTY, ensuring it is still enriching my life and encouraging me to go in a direction I know I need. This year has been a little different in that I didn't have any sub-goals planned with my word, "Do." However, it has been interesting to watch how it has still become a driving force behind many of the decisions we've been making as a family as well as my overall attitude.

I've noticed that I have been more aware of the way I spend my time, more selective about what I spend my time doing, and interestingly, more forgiving of myself when I haven't been able to get everything done that I was hoping to.

My priorities have settled in eye-opening ways, and after last year's WOTY encounter with "peace," it's been nice to rev up the engines and get going on things. Needless to say, it's been a healthy practice, and after my most recent evaluation, I'm happy with where this word has taken me thus far and I'm looking forward to discovering more about it throughout the rest of the year.

Right now my immediate focus on doing is taking the form of finishing touches for the Beehive Bazaar fall show, which starts next Thursday. Lots to do. The hustle is real and I'm hoping it pays off with a successful round of art vending.

Did you pick a Word Of The Year for 2015? It's still not too late if you haven't! If you have a word, I hope it's meeting your expectations! I love how the words I consciously pick become a part of me in unexpected yet needed ways. It's a deliberate way to bring improvement and enlightenment into my life.