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Wild and Wondrous: Fawn

The next request for this year's Wild and Wondrous series is a gentle fawn:

I used a different style for this shy babe because I didn't feel the recent direction of the previous creatures was appropriate, and I really like how it turned out. Also, the ferns help frame it, so I'll be doing that on my future pieces in the series.

Just a reminder: this weekend, you can find my art at the Salt & Honey Market at the Gateway in SLC! It is an amazing space with lots of talented local vendors. Come by for a visit and to find something special for your own mountain mama!


Setting Up Shop

Around here, we're working feverishly to make sure the Feather & Fir booth at the upcoming Salt & Honey Market is on point and more lovely than ever!

Come check out all the local wares from crafters and artisans of all sorts during the preview night tomorrow before booths open for realsies the following day:

How cool is that? Sweet deals, good company, and awesome products! I love that they are having this Meet the Makers Party and would love to see you there!


Wild and Wondrous: Wolf

The next request in the Wild and Wondrous illustration series is a wolf:

He looks a little fearsome I think. Steer clear of this fella!


Wild and Wondrous: Cougar

Here is how that cougar turned out in the end:

Here's a fun little fact: mountain lions, pumas, and cougars are all different names for the same creature. And speaking of cougars, I met one on a night hike with my sister this week! I still have my face and a healthy fear for wild creatures, but what an experience! I shall have to share more about that one!