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Alphabet Birds Part IV

I was inspired by the amazing fall bird migration to focus on bird illustrations for the month of October. I thought it would be a fun way to showcase the variety of birds by picking one bird for each letter of the alphabet. It's been difficult to choose just one kind for each letter because there are so many amazing birds to pick from. But, I managed to narrow my pickings down to North American birds and narrowed it further by mostly sticking with birds I have seen.

Part IV of the bird series shows off birds M-P:

Magpie, Nighthawk, Osprey, and Peregrine Falcon

I could do a thousand million of these, I'm pretty sure, because of the variety of birds to pick from, and all the different quirky stances and silhouettes. Guys, I just love all the birds. (Yes, even pigeons.)


Alphabet Birds Part III

As part of my focus on birds for the month of October, I've been sharing a series of North American birds for every letter of the alphabet on my Instagram account. It's been exciting to learn about each type of bird, and I couldn't help but share a fact along with each illustration. Sharing the fascination, guys. Sharing the fascination.

These next four are Ibis, Jay, Killdeer, and the Long-eared Owl:

Stay tuned for the next set of four, and spread the fascination for nature!


Alphabet Birds Part II

Here are the next four birds (E-H) of the alphabet bird series I'm doing in the month of October:

Eagle, Flicker, Great-horned Owl, Heron.

I've enjoyed drawing these illustrations in my sketchbook and sharing a little fact about each kind of bird along the way. Nature is so fascinating! Stay tuned for the upcoming illustrations or check out my Instagram account for the daily updates, where you can request to see an illustration of your favorite bird.


Alphabet Birds

As a tribute to the amazing bird migration (and for Feather & Fir's namesake--birds are the best!) I've been drawing a North American bird for every letter of the alphabet. During the month of October I'm posting them on Instagram along with a quick fact about each highlighted bird, so be sure to check them out here on the daily.

Birds are so marvelous to me! It's fascinating how as a group they can seem so similar, but once they're examined a little more closely their distinct personalities and unique features shine. Each little species contains a wonder all its own!

Here is a recap of the first four illustrations, just in case you missed them:

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