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Moment of Wonder: Bighorn Sheep

One of my most memorable moments of wonder happened earlier this year while hiking with a friend. It had snowed the night before and the canyon was full of the kind of frosty fog that leaves feathery ices crystals on every surface. With each tiny blade and twig coated in delicate winter attire, our normally straightforward hike was transformed to an otherworldly version of itself. The snow padded any sound and we walked quietly taken by the incredible beauty surrounding us and avoiding any noise that might break the spell.

As we worked our way through the fog, we were met with new scenes every few steps. It had been a long time since I had felt that overwhelming joy of discovery as strongly as I did that day. I eagerly picked my way through the snow and fog, soaking in as many details as I could, and expecting something magical to happen.

The best thing about expecting something magical is that it usually happens.

The timing could not have been any more perfect. As we neared a corner in the trail, the fog cleared just enough to see dark shapes. As I was thinking how odd it was to run into other hikers on the trail, but then as we got closer I realized the massive shapes were much larger than people. In the middle of that thought, the fog suddenly cleared, and standing in front of us were two bighorn sheep with their majestic curling horns and powerful stances. We stopped short and I locked eyes with one of them, and in that moment there was no fear from either of us, but a mutual acknowledgement. The brief encounter seemed to last for eternity, and in that moment I felt I was privileged to share in the strength and wild wisdom of that creature.

Then just as quickly as they appeared, they turned and climbed up the cliff wall bordering the trail, without leaving any sign they had been there at all. It was so magical I still sometimes question if it really happened, especially when I walk past that same spot and marvel at the sheerness of the cliff they disappeared up so effortlessly.

From the foggy setting to the hoofsteps echoing through the cold, the moment could not have been any more magical. And while that magic cannot be replicated, I hoped to be able to convey the fearlessness and strength I gained in that moment with an illustration and watercolor piece, which will be up in the shop soon:

Here's hoping something magical brings you delight and the joy of discovery this week!


Aspen Branch Illustration and Watercolor

This is one of my favorite recent pieces:

I love the contrast of the clean controlled contour against the organic watercolor. It's been refreshing to let go a little more. This will soon be available in the store along with some other nature-inspired art!