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Double Owl Watercolor

My sister shared a wonder-filled nature moment with me, which in turn inspired me to get painting:

She said she had been hearing a great horned owl outside her dorm window for weeks but hadn't gotten a glimpse of it. She only could appreciate the lovely bird call and imagine what the magnificent fowl might look like. After waiting for forever and searching the trees to catch a glimpse of it, she finally did! But it was even better than she imagined because there was not only one owl living outside her was two! My sister told me it was a wonderful surprise, and I hope this is one of those nature connection moments she won't forget for a long time. For reals, guys! How awesome is that?!

Making connections with nature and finding those little wonder-filled moments are so important for me to keep a healthy perspective, but I've come to realize I usually need to seek them out for them to happen in the first place.

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