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Have an inspired week! (and Welcome, Friends)

After our family vacation to California, I've been trying to reestablish a routine and feeling incredibly inspired after the break. This week, I've been:

Jamming and busting secret (and sometimes not-so-secret) moves to this song and thinking about this song.

Snacking on these more than humanly possible and trying to not take it personally that a certain two-year-old polished off more than her fair share.

Drooling over these incredibly designed rings.

Plotting ways to use this color scheme.

Inspired by the colors and patterns in this photo.

Getting ready to totally dive into this book. Have you read it?

And...wanting to go back here to possibly live the rest of my days in a cabin full of windows (like this one) and built with my own two hands. I know it's federal land or whatever, but girl can dream!

I hope you have a week full of inspiration!


  1. You have been busy!! I'm excited to see your new ideas and artwork!

  2. Gracias! I can't wait to show you all these things. :)