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Thursday Thought: on Gratitude

I believe that gratitude can bring out the best in people, and instead of sharing my philosophies on gratitude, I thought I'd share some of the thoughts that I've been ruminating on today:

Dear little seeds, I'm so thankful you're growing! Your happy faces peeking through the dirt made our morning a lot better. You have given me a great opportunity to teach my daughter about hope and patience and growth and how those three things often work together. Keep it up, little hope warriors.

Dear daughter, thank you for all of your eager help today! We got so much done today and I love it when you help me with all the goodness of your golden heart. You are so full of love. Thank you for letting me hold your two-year-old hand and getting to know your old soul better. Doesn't it feel like we've known each other for eons?

Dear dreamguy, it's been an arduous week for both of us, and I'm so thankful that when we both got home from work kind of late today to a cluttered kitchen and a stinky garbage can and an overgrown yard that you ordered a pizza without even asking. Because heaven knows I was too dang tired to even throw a salad together. Pizza never tasted so good and you are so hot right now!

Dear garden, thank you for helping me find my center today. Digging around in the dirt and chucking those durn weeds in the trash is so therapeutic. Boy am I glad we can start spending more time together, old friend.

Dear mountain mother, thank you for the lessons you've taught me this week. Thank you for opening my heart to your wisdom and for teaching me about the nature of fear. That lesson is still at the forefront of my mind, and I'm eager to learn what more you have to teach me on the subject.

Dear little bro, thank you for our lunch date today. It was soooo delicious, but the best part was hearing about your progress in following your dreams. You are an excellent example of keeping up hope and patience and growth. You're on your way to becoming a mighty Sycamore, buddy, and I love being witness to that.

What have you been grateful for as of late? I'd love to hear!

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