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Here's To a Relaxing Weekend

This week just hasn't been mine, you know. It wasn't terrible by any means, but enough weird things happened that it kind of threw off my game. It's not a big deal because these weeks happen now and then, but I'm looking forward now to a laid-back weekend. We're planning on doing more yard work (weather permitting) and listening to General Conference for a spiritual recharge. (Yes!)

Here's what helped me take much-needed breaks this week:

This too-true instructional list for how to put a toddler to bed. Let's just say we've had our struggles this week and 100 easy steps seems nicer than what we've been dealing with around these parts.

I love this song so much! And I may just need to go on a month-long road trip now that that darn itchy travel bug is in my blood.

Hiking always boosts my spirits!

I like the retro feel of this lettering, plus the phrase cracks me up.

What about you? Do you have anything relaxing planned for this weekend? Do share!

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