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Thank-you Notes

Dear flowers, you make me smile every day with your bright colors and gorgeousness that is close to bordering on ridiculousness. It's just that good. And you've been bringing joy to other people lately too, so you can consider your mission accomplished. Keep showing off what your mamas gave you!

Dear Dreamguy, when our 3-year-old pooped her undies at church today of all places, you were a champ and took care of everything gross and then some. Then, a few hours later when she pooped her undies again at someone else's house, you were a Spartan and took care of that one too without even asking and nary a flinch. You really are so hot right now!

Dear Alaska, I've never personally met you, but my parents have and only have good things to say about you. So, there you have it. I'm glad you were gentle with my parents even though that earthquake worried me for a bit there. But most of all, thanks for the sick ulu knife. It makes me feel like a kitchen ninja, which is a good thing...or will be a good thing with a little more practice.

Dear garden, thanks for your bounty the last few weeks. Turns out our food budget was smaller than usual this week and you've been a huge help, so thanks for that! You remind me pretty much every day that fresh snacks are the best snacks!

Dear Grandpa-wampa, I know you've been gone for years, but every time I paint with your old watercolors, it makes me think of you. It simply can't be helped. Thanks so much for passing along your vintage art supplies and guiding my brushstrokes.

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