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Wildbird Watercolor Series

I've been super inspired lately with the fallen feathers I've collected over the last little while. When I stumbled on the most gorgeous iridescent magpie feathers this last week, my search was complete for this art project that's been a-brewin' and I could tackle the group as a whole:

I have feathers from all sorts of birds, but I decided to divide them into groups...'cause that's how my head works, even if it's not how the birds are actually categorized. These life-size feather paintings are all from feathers of birds that are found in the wild around the mountains. I labeled them according to the types of birds I'm familiar with that live in the areas I found the feathers, but no guarantees as to whom they're from, I guess. Here's a look at them individually:

(Red-tailed Hawk)
 (Western Scrub Jay)
 (Black-billed Magpie)
 (Western Screech Owl)

(Western Flicker)

Magnificent creatures, all of them. When I think of wild birds in my little neck of the woods, these are the ones that come to mind. What kinds of birds do you have living in your neighborhood? Or what birds do you wish lived where you do?

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