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Thank-you Notes

Dear Dreamguy, thanks for holding down the fort while I've been the mayor of Crazytown this week. Your skillz and selflessness always always always make me want to be better.

Dear wildflowers, you seriously come in every color of the rainbow (what?!) and it makes my heart soar! There's nothing as appealing to me as rainbow colors in rainbow order, and when it's from the mountains, it's even better! Thank you for the loads of eye candy you provide!

Dear neighbors, thanks for sharing the bounty! We love the tasty apricots and your pleasant company. Don't tell anyone else, but you're our favorites. (Shhh!)

Dear blackberries, I know we haven't had the best relationship in the past, but I'm starting to accept your presence in my life (as long as you continue to follow my rules and keep things under control). Thank you for still doing your fruitful duties even though I haven't exactly encouraged you because we still benefit from your goodness.

Dear Provo River, you have pretty much zero rapids and seem really boring, but it is still fun to raft down you with approximately one million screaming, giggling teenage girls with water guns. I totally saw your fun side and can't wait to see more of it! Thank you for housing all the awesome beaver lodges and weasel romping grounds, too. I can tell we are going to be good friends.

Dear mountains, thank you for being my soul mate! You know me so well and give me so much. You are sweet and peaceful and still wild and crazy, which I like. I love the feathers and tiny speckled egg and pine cones you shared with me this week. I just know we were made for each other!

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