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Gratitude vs. Thanks

I love this time of year! I love that people focus on gratitude and the most meaningful aspects of their lives. I love the positive vibes, especially around Thanksgiving in the US. It's a time for us to gather with our families and pay special attention to the blessings we have received throughout the year.

I don't know about you, but I have been blessed with so much! I came from a (relatively) sane background with parents who wanted the best for me. They made sure I had a good education and encouraged me in my pursuits. I have a nutty family that I love so much (and who love me back!) anyway. I have kind and intelligent friends who are spiritual giants. I have an amazing relationship with my Dreamguy. I have a smart and cheerful daughter. I have a comfortable and adventurous life and have had many opportunities I wouldn't have dreamed would have been afforded me. I have chances to reconnect with nature on the regular, and have been to some incredible places in this huge world. I have truly been blessed.

In the spirit of the season, I've been sharing a #monthofgratitude post every day this month on Instagram. I've pondered on the many things I have in my life to be thankful for, and I've realized that there is a definite difference between gratitude and thanks. I wish Thanksgiving were called Gratitudegiving because I think it would be taken more seriously with more intention. Gratitude is more like an attitude or way of living, and thanks is a reaction.

Don't get me wrong, thanks is wonderful, but it is giving thanks that begets gratitude, the more deep-rooted and wise mother of the two. Thanks is shown through words. Gratitude is shown through actions. Gratitude requires an added measure of maturity and an extra step. It requires a follow up and a reciprocation of your thanks.

So, I'd like to invite you to join in this tradition of gratitudegiving. It's never too late to start showing gratitude, and if you start now (if you don't already have such a tradition), your mind will be in a thoughtful and open place come Thanksgiving Day. Warning, though: once you start counting your blessings, it's hard to stop!

What have you done lately to express your thanks and act on your gratitude?


  1. Love this! I will definitely work on having an attitude of gratitude. :)

    1. Right? 'Tis the season especially, but it's always a good idea to exercise gratitude.