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Photo Book Project

I just wanted to show a little peek of the latest project I've been putting together:

And now that Christmas is over and gifts are unwrapped, I can share it without spoiling any Christmas surprises! This digital album (from is a recap of all things Pepper for last year. It includes her silly moments, our family adventures, and the fun Baxter events that we've enjoyed, and it's full of photos that are too cute to not print up. Even though it is a lot of work (turns out we did soooooo much last year!), it's definitely worth it! Our little bumpkin loves to thumb through the 'books about me' when she visits Grandmas' house. (She even loved the book so much she couldn't let me just take a picture of it by itself, so she made sure to present it properly for photo-taking.) And Grandma said she loved it too. Yes! This book is one of my prouder gifts this holiday season.

So, what gift were you most tickled to share this year? I'd love to hear!

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