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Watercolor Magic- Turning a Favorite Bad Photo Into Art

So, my dreamguy has a favorite photo of me and our daughter wading in the Great Salt Lake. He took it on his crappy old flip phone from far away, but he said he loves how dreamy it looks, and was quite smitten by the moment:

I thought the photo was a bust until he mentioned that it would make a good watercolor painting. Best. Idea. Ever. It made so much sense to me and I'm glad he said something about it! So, in one of our mama-daughter painting sessions, I took a stab at recreating the photo in watercolors while the wee one painted "angels holding hands and flying around dancing" as we listened to some Grand Canyon Suite and Best of Bread on the record player.

This painting went pretty quickly, and now it's hanging up in our front room. I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out, and the best part is, we all agree it's much better than the photo. It turns out that watercolor = magic.

Do you have a favorite photo that you think would make a great sketch or painting? It's fun to imagine pictures in different forms of media because each exudes a unique feeling.

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