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Recent Read: Selected Poems of William Butler Yeats

Guys, poetry is kind of my jam. I discovered my love of reading it in high school and my love of writing it several years ago. I read the Barnes and Noble Selected Poems of William Butler Yeats, which I later discovered had been carefully annotated by a three-year-old after she noticed me underlining my own lines in it. I digested this little gem in just a few hours, and it was so inspiring:

I love the nature-themed subjects and lilting words and wanted to save some of my favorite passages, so I rewrote some in calligraphy to hang inspiring phrases in my home:

Also, funny side story about reading Yeats: I was in the middle of reading this book long after our three-year-old should have been sleeping in bed. She was having a rough night (a series of nights, for crying out loud!), and kept coming out of her room despite warnings in an attempt to coax someone to sit by her for a little bit longer. I thought about laying down the hammer which would probably have meant she would have cried herself to sleep, but instead I made a good mom move. I told her I would come sit by her but that she couldn't talk or leave her bed, and that I was going to read my book out loud to her. She complied, and after only a few poems, she was fast asleep! Haha! She probably thought it was boring, but I choose to think of it as relaxing instead. Victory.

Have you read any poetry lately? Do you find poetry relaxing or does it mostly help you get to sleep faster?

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