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Watercolor- Great Horned Owl

As you may or may not already know, birds are pretty much the best. When I meet someone else who loves them too, I just know we are going to be instant friends. There may be one person who loves owls as much, if not more, than I do. This semester, she kept hearing a friendly hoot close by her window, and finally she was able to spot a Great Horned Owl! How neat is that?

So, to commemorate her personal experience with such a majestic fowl, I painted one just for her:

I love it when people develop a personal connection or have a breath-taking experience with something wild. I think experiences like that alter one's perspective in the most marvelous of ways. An owl is a pretty incredible animal to connect with, too. Is there an animal that you naturally feel connected to?


  1. Pretty! Animals and I do not connect. On a personal level, I am not an animal person. I love the idea of having "a breathtaking experience with something wild" though.

    1. At least you're honest, which is what I love about you! I hope you can have a breathtaking experience with something wild that does not involve animals, then. :)