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Nature's Lessons

As you may or may not know, lately I've been focusing on deliberate practice and spending time specifically honing in some art skillz. I've also been super inspired by the lessons Nature has been teaching me this year. I decided to invest some serious hours in a hand lettering piece to help remind myself to search out and appreciate the tidbits of wisdom from my outdoor adventures:

Although I've gleaned several poignant lessons this year from my interactions with the great outdoors, one of the most significant for me personally in terms of change and motivation was regarding the nature of fear. I realized that sometimes the scariest thing about fear is anticipating it, so I decided to woman up and get my act together. Thanks, Nature, I really needed that kick in the pants. You're the best!

I want to know from all y'all about the most meaningful lesson you've learned from nature this year. What amazing lessons have you learned? Have you found anything surprising? What in nature has made you stop and ponder the ins and outs of life lately? Please share!

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