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Watercolor- Bald Eagle

So, you know those magical moments of wonder when you connect with something in nature and suddenly your whole life is seen in a new light?

I had such a moment as that with a bald eagle! I was driving down the road on a Wednesday, of all days, when I noticed a bird of prey sitting on an electrical pole straight in front of me. (I have a learned gift for spotting them.) It was obviously a Bald Eagle because they're unmistakable, but I thought it must be a decoy to keep pigeons away because there is no way a bald eagle would be hanging out in the middle of a city next to a busy road. I stopped and stared at it for a minute to double-check what I thought I saw, and it swiveled its noble head and stared straight into my soul with its bright yellow eyes! For a moment, there was nothing in the whole world except that bird and me. Pure splendor!

It sent a little jolt through my brain and I heard myself gasp out loud! It was one of my weekly highlights, that's for sure. I pretty much told everyone I talked to that day that I saw a bald eagle because I just couldn't keep it in. I knew it must be a omen of good things to come, and sure enough, less than a week later, our little family saw it again as we were playing in a nearby canyon! Bald Eagles aren't uncommon in our state, but they are usually out in more rural areas, not in the middle of a city during rush hour. Such an amazing experience!

So, in commemoration, I painted this little guy:

Gold and regal, just like the soul of the one I connected with. Have you ever seen a bald eagle in the wild? It's a spectacular sight!

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