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Hidden Canyon Trail

During our recent trip to Zion National Park, we took an adventurous hike along the Hidden Canyon trail:

It was challenging in the beginning, but the views and adventures were totally worth it! We ended up holding onto chains bolted in the sides of cliffs, hopping over natural cisterns carved into the rock, scrambling and bouldering over obstacles, and taking a peaceful stroll through a shady slot canyon!

I love it when hard work pays off like that! After I successfully complete something challenging, I usually end up thinking about how many people in the whole existence of the world have done the exact thing I just accomplished. It makes me feel awesome knowing that I'm maybe one in only thousands of people in the whole world who have shared that experience. It's both humbling and empowering.

Have you had experiences that are both humbling and empowering? Or what do you do to maintain a fresh perspective?

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