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Watercolor- Barn Owl

One of my favorite wondrous moments happened many years ago with my brother. We were wandering around an old abandoned farm and discovered a pile of owl pellets next to a silo. We think owl pellets are pretty fun to look through and after we explored the contents and marveled at the tiny bones, we continued our expedition into the silo and startled a barn owl from her roost.

I will never forget the way my heart jumped or the silent way she sailed, or her beautiful silhouette against a bright blue sky. After she flew to safer grounds, my brother and I just looked at each other and didn't say a word because neither of us wanted to break the spell. It was amazing!

As I was reminiscing on that experience, I decided it would be nice to just paint a reminder instead:

I loved sharing that moment with my brother, and what made it even better is that a barn owl is pretty much my favorite bird ever. I think they are so powerful, gorgeous, and regal. Do you have a favorite animal or bird that you find fascinating or beautiful? What is it?

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